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Turmeric can well be called the Golden Queen of Spices. While with every debate & research, the western world is getting more aware of the benefits of this miracle ingredient, people in India are no stranger to it. Not a day in a regular Indian’s life goes without Turmeric which is considered as the healthiest and most auspicious gift of nature.
Here I have listed the 7 Most Common uses of Turmeric in Indian Culture:-

1) In daily diet. 
Turmeric is a natural immunity builder and for day-to-day wellness, Indians add a pinch or two of its powder while sautéing vegetables & boiling lentils.

2) Applied over 1st degree burns and bruises as ointment. 
Since turmeric has essential infection-fighting & inflammation-relieving properties, a paste of water & turmeric powder is applied gently over the affected areas.

3) Added to skin beauty regime. 
Many indian women bath with a paste made of gram flour, turmeric & yogurt to get rid of dead skin and wrinkles.

4) Used as a Tonic. 
During cold, cough, fractures, injuries, weakness, period cramps etc. 1/4 tsp of turmeric is mixed with warm milk and given to the patients to drink. It acts as a tonic to heal the body from inside.

5) In Prayers & Weddings. 
Turmeric is used alongside red ochre & rice for all auspicious Hindu rituals/prayers.

6) Savoured as a Pickle. 
Grated or thinly sliced raw turmeric is mixed with some rocksalt & lemon juice to have as a fresh pickle. Not only is it delicious but also helpful for digestion.

7) Used as a Worm/Insect Repellent.Pieces of dried turmeric are kept inside storage jars of grains & lentils to prevent development of any worms or insects.

PS: All of these uses are practiced day after day, year after year by my family and countless other. Feel safe to use. Only one thing to keep in mind, use in moderation. Too much of consumption can build up body heat. Too much of application can leave skin yellow. In both cases though, there are no severe consequences. 🙂