8686686679_e399c2d86e_hDo you know that our bodies and minds are designed to heal themselves? And that which we cannot heal by the power of thoughts and will, can be cured by Nature!All my life I was told by different people about the benefits of meditation. Yet it wasn’t until 2 years back when I hit personal & creative rockbottom that I took the advice seriously. It is ridiculous that a thing so simple in itself has become so daunting in today’s lifestyle, but it takes only a few sincere practices to feel the incredible need for it!

Meditation not only balanced my emotional state, it also altered my perspective of numerous things & people including myself. I was astonished by how I was steadily able to isolate excess anxiety and streamline my mind towards productive thinking and yes, it gifted my wild mind the ability to FOCUS!

One day I read “The Autobiography of a Yogi” and discovered that one can send vibes to his/her body parts to heal them of any internal ache. At first, I found it exaggerating, even impossible. I used to suffer frequently from cervical spasms which sometimes lasted for weeks… I didn’t quite believe in self-healing so even after reading, I never applied. Then after 5 days of immense pain in the neck which also gave me a super-restricted shoulder and upper back, I tried to meditate and heal. I laid down in Shava-Asana. It took sometime to get rid of the panic and correct the rhythm of my breathing. But once I was able to attain some control of mind, I focused on the good energy in my body and imagined drawing it into my spine. Also, I corrected myself for frowns which create tension in the Chakra and tried to smile which further helps create happy & relaxing hormones. 20 minutes later, I was feeling better already. It took 4 sessions (20mins each) in 2 days to completely heal the cervical!

One explanation I could come up with is that when something goes wrong in our body, we focus way too much on the discomfort. Our body stiffens to avoid pangs of pain, our breathing goes into panic mode and we enter into “Victim-mindset”. Meditation helps get rid of all of these and opens the flow of oxygen and blood. It relaxes our muscles and nerves and we slowly switch into the “Healer-mindset”.

Post my miraculous encounter with natural self-healing, I have cured pain in my ankles, wrists, neck and even migraine using the same simple technique. It is hard for many people to believe which is OK. It has to be experienced to be believed.

Good to Know:

  1. Meditation can be practiced even in the most trauma-imposing illnesses or wounds and it will only help.
  2. However, I do not recommend avoiding a visit to a doctor.